Coaches Directory




Administrative Office
Misty Cooksey Principal
Kristi Gilland Executive Staff Assistant to the Principal
Athletic Directors Office
Jeff Wallace Director of Athletics
Carey Robinson Executive Staff Assistant to the Athletics Director
Sports Medicine
Jenah Tracy Head Athletic Trainer
Taylor Butler Head Coach
Men’s Basketball
Keyon Boyd Head Coach
Willie Howell Assistant Coach
Derrick Crosby Assistant Coach
Charles Overall Community Coach
Women’s Basketball
Michelle Caldwell Head Coach
Patrice Bryant Assistant Coach
Monica O’Neil Community Coach
Karlie Clifton Head Coach
Michelle Prater JV Football Coach
Shonnie Golden Head Basketball Coach
Amalee Downey Junior Hornets Coach
Heather Nicholson Mini Hornets Coach
Lisa Vise Baby Buzz Coach
Cross Country
Russell Brand Head Coach
Marci Girardin Assistant Coach
Pete Fominaya Head Coach
Andy Scott Assistant Coach -Defensive Coordinator
Clay McKnight Assistant Coach -Offensive Coordinator
Don Halbrooks Assistant Coach
Trent Thompson Assistant Coach
Ben Mount Community Coach
Terrance Lindley Community Coach
Men’s Golf
Willie Howell Head Coach
Women’s Golf
Brooke Frankland Head Coach
One Act Play
Jennifer Grazer Director
John Moyse Head Coach
Men’s Soccer
Mark Burgwald Head Coach
Chris Madden Assistant Coach
Community Coach
Women’s Soccer
David Todd Head Coach
John Moyse Assistant Coach
Community Coach
Taylor Butler Head Coach
Heather Fenske Head Coach
Men’s Tennis
Marci Girardin Head Coach
Women’s Tennis
Bruce Jones Head Coach
Men’s Track & Field
Chris Wilkerson Head Coach
Russell Brand Assistant Coach
Ben Mount Community Coach
Women’s Track & Field
Brian Presume Head Coach
TBD Assistant Coach
Ben Mount Community Coach
Sydney Cooley Head Coach
Rachel Stancel Assistant Coach
Chris Wilkerson Coach Boys
Marianne Parker Coach Girls
Ben Mount Community Coach