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I am a runner who runs with my teams. I believe distance running is the greatest sport in the world, and I am blessed to coach and run with Hiram’s cross country teams and distance runners in track.

When I’m not coaching, I teach English at Hiram High School. I’ve been teaching at Hiram since 2002. Besides teaching and coaching, my life’s blessings include my wife, Sarah, and my two sons, Luke (10) and Ryan (8).

The end of the 2017 season marked the end of my 8th year as Hiram’s head XC coach. 2017 was an extremely successful season for our Boys’ and Girls’ XC teams. Both the Boys’ and Girls’ teams qualified for the State Championships for the 3rd year in a row. For a complete list of HHS XC records, please click on the records link above.


Other coaching highlights in XC and Track include:

6 Collegiate Scholarships for Running:

  • Audrick Pyronneau
  • Marcus LaFleur
  • Jacob Robinson
  • Derick Kinyanjui
  • Jinni Pethel
  • Marcela Martinez

3 Individual XC Region Champions:

  • Audrick Pyronneau 2016, 2017
  • Marcella Martinez 2015
  • Jacob Robinson 2013

5 Boy’s State Qualifying Teams:

  • 2018 (4th in Region)
  • 2017 (2nd in Region)
  • 2016 (2nd in Region)
  • 2015 (3rd in Region)
  • 2013 (2nd in Region)

5 Girl’s State Qualifying Teams:

  • 2018 (4th in Region)
  • 2017 (4th in Region)
  • 2016 (3rd in Region)
  • 2015 (3rd in Region)
  • 2014 ((2nd in Region)

Paulding County XC Champions:

  • Boys 2017
  • Boys 2016

Paulding County Invidual Champions:

  • Audrick Pyronneau 2017
  • Audrick Pyronneau 2016
  • Jacob Robinson 2013
  • Jacob Robinson 2012

800 M (Track) Individual Region Champion:

  • Jinni Pethel 2014 and 2015

1600 M (Track) Individual Region Champion:

  • Audrick Pyronneau 2018
  • Audrick Pyronneau 2017
  • Jinni Pethel 2015

3200 M (Track) Individual Region Champion

  • Audrick Pyronneau 2018
  • Audrick Pyronneau 2017
  • Jacob Robinson 2014

Many individuals have excelled in XC and track, but I can’t say enough about the teams I’ve coached. XC teammates form lifelong bonds in this lifetime sport. I hope that if you are interested in coming to a practice to see whether or not you would like to join our team, you do so soon. XC is a challenging sport, but we don’t make cuts. We just ask for commitment, hard work, perseverance, and selflessness. Whether you are an advanced runner or a beginner, Hiram XC welcomes you.

With Jacob after he broke the school record. My sons, Luke and Ryan
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