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Practice Cancellation Guidelines

There will be times when practice will be cancelled due to weather.  The Hiram Hornets abide by the heat and inclement weather guidelines set forth but the GHSA.

Extreme Heat

During times of extreme heat, we use the Wet Bulb matrix to determine practice status and ensure player safety.


Under 82.0 – Normal Activities – Provide at least three separate rest breaks each hour with a minimum duration of 3 minutes each during the workout

82.0 – 86.9 – Use discretion for intense or prolonged exercise; watch at-risk players carefully. Provide at least three separate rest breaks each hour with a minimum duration of 4 minutes each

87.0 – 89.9 – Maximum practice time is 2 hours. For Football: players are restricted to helmet, shoulder pads, and shorts during practice, and all protective equipment must be removed during conditioning activities. If the WBGT rises to this level during practice, players may continue to work out wearing football pants without changing to shorts. For All Sports: Provide at least four separate rest breaks each hour with a minimum duration of 4 minutes each

90.0 – 92.0 – Maximum practice time is 1 hour. For Football: no protective equipment may be worn during practice, and there may be no conditioning activities. For All Sports: There must be 20 minutes of rest breaks distributed throughout the hour of practice.

Over 92.0 – No outdoor workouts. Delay practice until a cooler WBGT level is reached.


Practice normally will not be cancelled due to rain unless player safety is an issue.  Severe storms and/or lightening will cause practice to be delayed, end early, or cancelled. Contact your team mom or coach for the latest information.  We will send emails, texts, and social media updates with the latest information.

Make sure your contact information is current so you can be notified regarding practice

Player pickup

To ensure player safety, we ask that you pick up your player immediately after practice. Please contact your coach or team mom if there is an issue.  It is highly encouraged that a parent or guardian be present at practice in case your player requires medical attention.  Waiting in the car is acceptable.  Please ensure your team parent and head coach has your correct contact information.


Being a part of a family means there be disputes and disagreements.  We are all here to provide a safe and fun environment for our players.  If you have a problem or concern, please refer to the following escalation path to ensure your concerns are addressed promptly: