Team Goal: Stay Positive

Negative attitudes just don’t bring down the morale of individual players; but the entire team. Negativity can spread like a cancer affecting the entire team in an nonconstructive manner!! Stay positive regardless of the situation!!


Team Goal: Improve Each and Every Day

It’s important that players are improving everyday in the gym. Players have to come into practice every day ready to give 110%. Players also have to work hard in the off season, staying in shape and playing club volleyball if possible.


Team Goal: Team GPA of 3.0

Student Athlete……Don’t forget that student comes first!! Players need to make sure that there taking cares of their business in class; completing homework, attending tutoring sessions, and maintaining a high GPA!! It’s important that all Hiram volleyball players strive to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0!!!


Team Goal: Finish Season with Winning Record

The Hiram High School volleyball team wants to establish a tradition of excellence and winning is a big part of that!! We want to finish every year with more W’s than L’s!!


Team Goal: Qualify for State Tournament

Every year at Hiram High School we set pre-season goals and every year we make it a priority to qualify for the state tournament. We would like to be recognized as one of the top volleyball teams in the state of Georgia!!!


Team Goal: Have Fun

Of course we want to win and have success while playing, but we can’t forget to have fun!! It’s important that you have energy and perform with excitement whether or not you are winning or losing!! Chances are if you aren’t having fun, you won’t be winning a lot of matches!!